About Jim Hart

Jim is a public servant working for the federal government. The son of a Navy dad, he lived three years on Adak (79-82), forever changing his life.  From that time on, Jim's goal was to make it back to Alaska to raise his family.

On Adak, at that time, the education quality was high, and the teachers superb (many came from Anchorage). When it was time to leave Adak and move back to the Lower 48, the transition to Virginia Beach Public Schools was seamless.

Sadly, in the intervening years, Alaska has fallen to the bottom in math and reading, the very basic tasks of our school system, despite spending twice the national average per student (as an aside, 103 Virginia schools were nationally recognized in 2018). Why the disparity? Jim believes accountability.

People who are in charge of education should be held accountable, for the good results and the bad. Incentives for good results are important, as are consequences for poor performance.  

Every worker is worth his or her wages, and we pay our superintendents and district staff handsomely.   They all work very long hours to achieve the goals put forth by their superiors, and  Jim believes those goals should be focused, objective and performance-based. Mat-Su residents deserve value for their taxes, objective information regarding student and school performance, and a completely transparent system that recognizes the system is a servant of the family.